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Managed Detection and Response

The Managed Detection and Response Analyst Report 2022 presents the results of analysis of incidents detected by Kaspersky’s Security Operations Center (SOC) team. The report is published annually. The report provides information about the most common attack tactics, techniques and tools, as well as the nature of detected incidents, their geography and distribution by vertical.

  • The greatest number of MDR incidents in 2022 was discovered in the industrial sector (22.3%), in government institutions (15.3%), in IT (16.4%), financial institutions (10.2%), retail (8.1%) and mass media (6.6%) companies
  • Roughly 33% of the alerts were run through machine learning algorithms. A further 11% were analyzed by SOC experts and found to be the consequence of real incidents, which customers were notified about via the MDR portal.
  • Seventy-two percent of incidents were detected following a single security alert, leading to the attack being stopped - demonstrating very high response efficiency. This category includes typical incidents with well-defined response scenarios. The share of high-severity incidents is the lowest (4%), with the bulk composed of medium- (74%) and low-severity (22%) incidents.
  • Operating system events, however easily observed and accessible, also provide ample material for attack detection. Enriched with threat data and correlated with other EDR events, they yield a high level of conversion while serving as virtually the only detection method for a number of scenarios

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