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The Pentesting Matrix: Decoding Modern Security Testing Approaches

Security leaders understand the imperative nature of pentesting in today's dynamic threat landscape. Pentesting isn't just another task on the checklist; it's a critical component of the larger security management structure, integral to proactively identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in fast moving software environments.

Quality - Speed - Value for price

  • Organizations need pentesting that supports key business objectives. These begin with basic regulatory and compliance obligations, but ultimately encompass a wider range of security, risk reduction, and business needs.
  • A variety of security testing alternatives exist, and it can be confusing to compare each of them to identify which might best align with your organization s needs. Below, we ve broken out four security testing alternatives, with objective descriptions indicated by , and with our analytical opinions on the method indicated by.
  • This comparative analysis leverages the expertise of in-house subject-matter experts and HackerOne’s vast experience—having managed thousands of public and private programs and delivered hundreds of pentests to date. It focuses on the three categories outlined in the introduction—Quality, Speed, and Value for Price.
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