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How fully-managed bug bounty and disclosure programs close visibility gaps across your attack surface

The digital-first economy has spurred a massive proliferation of internetfacing assets. Fueled by emerging technologies like cloud-native workloads and microservices, along with organizational changes from mergers and acquisitions, businesses of all industries have increased their digital landscape to meet the demands of customers worldwide. As the saying goes, every business is now a software business.

As of December 2022, HackerOne’s community has helped resolve over 76,000 high and critical-severity vulnerabilities.

  • A bug bounty is a structured program for ethical hackers and security researchers to safely find and report vulnerabilities to your organization in exchange for a monetary reward.
  • The core purpose, and structure, of a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) is the same as a bug bounty — to invite the hacker community to test your assets and find vulnerabilities. In fact, “VDP” is used as an umbrella term to describe any formalized program that allows ethical hackers to report security vulnerabilities in computer software or hardware. Even bug bounties are considered a category of VDP with monetary incentives.
  • With organizations continuing to invest in their digital landscape, security leadership needs to take a comprehensive view of their attack surface vulnerability and whether they are equipped to take action.
  • HackerOne Bounty and Response are key components of our Attack Resistance Management platform, which integrates attack surface management and proactive security testing to help organizations increase risk awareness, security efficacy, and operational efficiencies. Working together, our solutions create a unified asset inventory that can be secured through targeted and crowdsourced testing to reduce your organization’s cybersecurity risk.

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