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Zebra Defends Its Attack Surface from All Angles with HackerOne

As a world leader in digital products, solutions, and software, Zebra Technologies enables businesses of all sizes to connect data, assets, and people intelligently. With a mission to scale, Zebra turned to HackerOne to help the company shift left by moving security checks as early and as often in the software development life cycle (SDLC) as possible. The end goal? To defend and arm its security program from every angle.

In this white paper you will see How fully-managed bug bounty and disclosure programs close visibility gaps across your attack surface :

  • Organizations need pentesting that supports key business objectives. These begin with basic regulatory and compliance obligations, but ultimately encompass a wider range of security, risk reduction, and business needs.
  • A variety of security testing alternatives exist, and it can be confusing to compare each of them to identify which might best align with your organization s needs.
  • In security testing, the essence of quality is twofold. First, there s the consideration of whether the testing leans more on the expertise of individual human testers or the capabilities of platforms.
  • When scoring against Quality, Speed, and Value for Price, PTaaS stands out as a flexible approach that can adapt to an organization’s specific needs, and is priced accordingly. PTaaS is the best option when combining robust testing and deep analysis with the opportunity to quickly set up and complete an assessment.

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