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The 5 Types of Hourly Workers

To dig deeper into what motivates hourly workers, Paycor partnered with Xavier University on an online survey and in-person interviews with more than 200 workers from 18 companies in 5 industries (manufacturing, construction, food & beverage, healthcare, professional services).

In this book you will find center of excellence:

  • Payment Penny is motivated by reliable, consistent pay (i .e ., number of hours she can work per week) . A clear pay progression plan and a culture that ties job performance to increased wages are the keys to recruiting & engaging Penny.
  • Schedule Sarah is motivated by work/life balance and a schedule she can control or at least infl uence . An engagement driver for Sarah is a fl exible schedule and the ability to work more hours and earn more pay when she needs to.
  • Make-It-Happen Mike is an experienced worker who takes pride in his job . An engagement driver for Mike is autonomy and respect from white-collar staff.
  • Ideas Isaac is an “idea person” who wants to be heard . An engagement driver for Isaac is a company culture that listens to and considers new ideas, whether they are implemented or not.
  • Ladder-C limber Lisa is motivated by job title and increasing her sphere of influence . An engagement driver for Lisa is a clear path for career growth and frequent touchpoints to ensure she’s making progress.

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