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Modernizing mission support with faster, smarter digital workflows.

All government organizations have core operational responsibilities that support the primary mission areas of government. It can be easy to overlook mission support functions that aren’t front and center to the core mission of an agency. But even though these support functions aren’t the primary mission areas of most agencies, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t mission essential. No government agency could function without human resources or finance departments.

Digital Document Maturity: A Spotlight on Government

  • Human resources (HR) teams are tasked with managing an increasingly complex government workforce. With existing recruitment and retention pressures exacerbated by the rapid pivot to increased hybrid workflows, HR teams need processes and tools that drive efficiency as well as engagement.
  • Government procurement professionals must develop and maintain specialized expertise in purchasing goods and services on behalf of the government. Unfortunately, retaining qualified procurement professionals can be problematic for government agencies.
  • Agency legal teams typically have a range of expertise. Depending on their agency’s mission, they may be experts in intellectual property or public policy. Processes and tools that drive efficiency and clear records of documentation enable legal to spend less time on paperwork and more time on their agency’s mission
  • By improving digital fundamentals across each core mission support function, Adobe Document Cloud can help agencies improve the customer and employee experience. Our goal is to help agencies make every component ingredient of modern work—documents, collaborations, decisions—more effective and efficient through digital delivery and management. These focused innovations help refocus agency expertise and attention where it can make a greater impact.
  • With Adobe in place, core mission support functions move faster and smarter. Agencies can transform the fundamental efficacy of document workflows, unlock new advantages by enabling innovation from the ground up, and build with security and confidence, thanks to API-led integration and robust security.

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