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Why targets and incentives fail and how to fix them

The talent shortage isn’t abating. One coping strategy: Increase your team’s output.

In this book you will get to know What are the Habits of Top CFOs:

  • There’s a circular relationship among efficiency, productivity, growth, business health, agility and job security for your people. Fiscal conditions have changed quickly as soaring inflation spurs the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in an effort to cool down an overheating economy.
  • Finance teams normally have many defined processes that bring a degree of order and consistency to their work, which is in theory a good thing. But it can also be a source of issues.
  • While process mapping is a key component here, productivity relies on the experience, skills and focused dedication of real-life staffers.
  • But when it comes to finance teams and how they relate to other departments, broad transparency and collaboration are key to avoiding chaos, not to mention missed opportunities, false assumptions and wasted or duplicated effort.

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