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UpCloud Managed Kubernetes: Container Storage Performance

Kubernetes is a popular tool for container orchestration, allowing businesses to scale workloads and maintain costs. UpCloud has launched a new Managed Kubernetes service to provide customers with the benefits of Kubernetes without the need for a dedicated admin team.

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  • The platform is built on UpCloud MaxIOPS, a proprietary block storage technology that combines industry-leading performance and reliability.
  • The Container Storage Interface (CSI) is built into the new UpCloud Managed Kubernetes service.
  • High performance is key to a high-functioning Kubernetes environment, as container workloads and cloud resources are stored in a key-value store called 'etcd'.
  • Container workloads that require persistent storage share the same requirements for high-performing storage.
  • Workloads like message queues, databases, and data/cache-based applications are increasingly being run on Kubernetes.

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